King Harvest and the Weight

King Harvest & The Weight is the ’Nom de-plume’ of the Halifax born Singer/Bassist, Ben Adey.

Teeming with a cool 70’s undertow, tumultuous riffs and a feverish energy that has resulted in what singer/bassist & chief songwriter Ben Adey describes as “A high energy, good times record”.Their debut album, Maps covers so many bases that it plays like the greatest mixtape you could find on your dashboard during a hot summer afternoon.

Their sensibility hails from a pre-punk era where songwriting is king and played with the fire of a garage-rock band and seemingly disparate elements of 1960’s pop and 70’s rock are hurled together and neatly packaged into brawny, concise tracks that beautifully echo the days when young people would lie back and inhale to the sound of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.

Raised on a staple diet of Queen,Stevie, Humble Pie, Stevie Winwood, Otis Redding and Stacks of Soul & Motown is how Adey recalls his musical upbringing - “I guess I was pretty lucky to have been brought up with such a diverse collection and those influences haven’t, and i don’t think will ever stray far.”

Of the new record, Adey says, “I spent a lot of time re-assessing what music meant to me and why I wanted to write and record music, you know, what’s this all about?. I just wanted to get back to the thing that made me excited about music in the first place, which is strong songwriting, crammed with adrenaline-fuelled performances.

Maps, is the embodiment of that mission statement.

Recorded between September and December 2015, with the foundations for the tracks laid down in July & August. Adey states that “The album was recorded very traditionally in ever aspect and tracked Live with very little over-dubbing with Steve Royston Smith in the depths of West Yorkshire, England.”