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King Harvest & The Weight is the ’Nom de-plume’ of the Halifax born Singer/Bassist, Ben Adey.

Teeming with a cool 70’s undertow, tumultuous riffs and a feverish energy that has resulted in what singer/bassist & chief songwriter Ben Adey describes as “A high energy, good times record”.Their debut album, Maps covers so many bases that it plays like the greatest mixtape you could find on your dashboard during a hot summer afternoon.

Their sensibility hails from a pre-punk era where songwriting is king and played with the fire of a garage-rock band and seemingly disparate elements of 1960’s pop and 70’s rock are hurled together and neatly packaged into brawny, concise tracks that beautifully echo the days when young people would lie back and inhale to the sound of Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti.

Raised on a staple diet of Queen,Stevie, Humble Pie, Stevie Winwood, Otis Redding and Stacks of Soul & Motown is how Adey recalls his musical upbringing - “I guess I was pretty lucky to have been brought up with such a diverse collection and those influences haven’t, and i don’t think will ever stray far.”

Of the new record, Adey says, “I spent a lot of time re-assessing what music meant to me and why I wanted to write and record music, you know, what’s this all about?. I just wanted to get back to the thing that made me excited about music in the first place, which is strong songwriting, crammed with adrenaline-fuelled performances.

Maps, is the embodiment of that mission statement.

Recorded between September and December 2015, with the foundations for the tracks laid down in July & August. Adey states that “The album was recorded very traditionally in ever aspect and tracked Live with very little over-dubbing with Steve Royston Smith in the depths of West Yorkshire, England.”

Lowlands are arguably one of Europe’s finest roots rock bands. Formed in Pavia, Italy in 2008 by British born singer-songwriter Edward Abbiati the band features some of Italy’s premier musical talent. Gritty and soulful, the band has explored love, loss and the good times through their sizeable back catalogue. Their new album ‘Love etc’ will be released on our roster in October 2014.

The band continually play packed venues throughout Europe and have a committed contingent of collaborators from bands such as Green on Red, Marah and You Am I. In early 2014 they formed the continuing ‘Low and Lucky Tour’ with The Lucky Strikes, which sees the two bands sharing stages across the continent.

“A merciless mix and match roots, punk, folk and rock n roll music” - Rock Times, Germany

Collaborations can cross oceans and cover land masses, from East Coast to West, but when former Green On Red keyboardist Chris Cacavas upped sticks for southern Germany, he hardly reckoned to find a writing partner so close at hand. A straight drive down through Switzerland and over the Alps to Italy brought him to the door of Edward Abbiati of the country’s premier roots band Lowlands.

Six months (and several phone calls, emails and plane tickets) later, the pair have presented the fruits of their labour in the form of Me And The Devil. The songs were recorded in five days in an old barn outside the northern Italian town of Pavia, and features the collective talents of Cacavas and Abbiati, plus Bob Dylan, Giant Sand and Warren Zevon drummer Winston Watson and Marah and Jason Molina alumnus Mike ‘Slo Mo’ Brenner.

The quartet (plus recording engineer Rainer Lolk) finally convened in Italy in August 2013 to begin work....

“I am as proud and satisfied of what we have achieved with this record as I am with anything else I have ever achieved and recorded in my career” says Chris Cacavas.

“We wrote the songs in two short two day sessions,” explains Abbiati. “A blank page and no preconceptions. The songs seemed to flow out of us very quickly, adjusting chord changes and lyrics till we got the song to where we were both happy with them, we’d record a quick demo on the phone and move on to the next one.”

“The ‘Studio In A Barn’ was something I had never experienced before,” adds Cacavas. “In spite of the cluttered, dusty and at times very hot room, the band played the hell out of the songs and the session moved along effortlessly. I knew Ed and I had ‘stacked the deck’ with Winston and Mike, but in the end I was blown away by their incredible playing and unexpected musical ideas. That we achieved so much with so little effort is a gift.”

Band Website: http://www.neilmcsweeney.com.

Neil McSweeney (born Irvine, Scotland) is a songwriter and musician based in Sheffield, England. His acoustic guitar playing style combines folk, blues and country influences but it is his voice, likened by The Guardian to a male Tracy Chapman, and his direct and personal lyrics for which he is most recognised.

McSweeney’s debut album, Remember To Smile was released in 2006 by Sheffield independent label, LM Music. Tracks from the album attracted national radio play from BBC Radio 2 and the digital station BBC Radio 6 Music. This led to Postcards being released as a single by Kids Records, the singles arm of Warner Music UK subsidiary 14th Floor Records. Further national radio exposure followed including the track being playlisted by XFM. Around this time Neil also accompanied his friend Stoney both on record, on tour and in session for BBC Radio 2’s Dermot O’Leary at Maida Vale Studios.

Extensive touring in the UK followed before second album, Shoreline, emerged in 2009. This was self-released and attracted positive reviews in the national press as well as the attention of fellow Sheffield musician, Richard Hawley. Following support sets at The Crucible in Sheffield and the Royal Festival Hall, McSweeney accompanied Hawley as main support on the European leg of his Truelove’s Gutter tour.
During a hiatus from touring in 2011 and 2012, to spend more time with his young family, McSweeney developed friendships with musicians from the English folk and roots scene. This developed into collaborations which formed the basis for an EP (The Seventeen EP, May 2013) and a third full length album (Cargo). The album features contributions from Lucy Farrell, Sam Sweeney, Brooks Williams, M G Boulter, Vera Van Heeringen, Jock Tyldesley, Andy Seward and others. It is released though Harbour Song Records on 23rd September 2013.

Band Website: http://www.theluckystrikes.co.uk.

The Lucky Strikes formed in 2006 and have been described as “Blues/ Garage/ Americana, spaghetti-western, fiddle powered, howlin’, heavin’ rock and roll”, which they think fits pretty well. Following their self-titled debut album the band released a number of concept records, The Chronicles of Solomon Quick (2009), Gabriel Forgive my 22 Sins (2011) and The Exile and the Sea (2013), the latter a project to recount the folk stories and local legends of the Thames coast where they live.
In addition to this the band has released a number of singles and handmade rarity compilations, as well as a limited edition book to accompany The Exile and the Sea.
The Lucky Strikes maintain a busy touring schedule and have played as diverse places as the Southbank Centre in London to a boat in Bristol. Their music has featured on a variety of TV shows in both the USA and UK and in the summer of 2013 they worked with the Old Trunk Theatre Company to produce the multi-arts production, The Vagabond Diaries.
“Like the Waterboys on trucker pills” – Q Magazine

Band Website: http://www.mgboulter.co.uk.

M G Boulter is a songwriter and musician who currently lives on the outer reaches of the Thames coast in England.

M G’s first collection of songs was released in 2008 under the moniker, Blue Vinyl Island and featured a myriad of musicians known as The Secret Six.

The follow up, The Whispering Pines, was released by Stovepony Records in 2012 and continued the exploration of lo-fi roots recordings that was started in Blue Vinyl Island. In July 2013, M G’s third solo album, The Water or the Wave, was released by Harbour Song Records. M G recruited various friends and colleagues for the album sessions, including Lucky Strikes compatriot Paul Ambrose, Bryony Afferson and Lizzy O’Connor from London folk and bluegrass band Troubadour Rose and, by no means least, legendary Dire Straits and Bob Dylan drummer Pick Withers. This eclectic cast helped Matthew create a work of considerable warmth and subtlety.

As a player of an array of stringed instruments, M G Boulter has also worked alongside many other artists including Conor Oberst, Neil McSweeney, Duke and the King and Rosalie Deighton, while remaining a long standing member of the Simone Felice Group.

M G Boulter continues to tour and record with his band, The Lucky Strikes, first as bass player from 2006 then as singer and guitarist by 2009. The band has released four albums to date.

“Gorgeous, in a word” Uncut

“A dreamlike album of lyrical beauty…. Another very fine addition to a promising portfolio” R2

“A pleasant, smoky vibe…. Check him out” Maverick

“When you hear an album that reminds you of your childhood and your dreams, the best film you’ve seen all year, your favourite record of all time, and your first love – that has to be a good day” No Depression

“Introspective, gentle, tinged with darkness and a sorrowful undertow, these are elegant songs delivered with restraint and oodles of world-weary charm” FATEA

“Beautiful, engaging, and not quite like anything else out there” Flyinshoes